Vision Asset Control programme provides you with the means to fully control and manage all your assets from one location – wherever your assets are placed. It is multi-currency, multi-user and multi-centre enabled as standard – so, whether you are checking the maintenance schedule budget against actual expenditure, or checking your asset value after allowing for depreciation, this programme has the flexibility you need.

Advantages of this module

Entry of asset data for items with consecutive ‘part numbers’, or registration details is made very easy with our Individual Asset Entry Assist mechanism – set up one entry, select how many similar there are to follow on, click the button and it is done!

Depreciation is always a big issue when trying to manage assets in the most cost effective way.
The Vision Assets control provides you with 3 major methods to account for depreciation:
Double Declining Balance (DDB)
Sum of Years Digit Method (SYD)
Straight Line Method (SLN)

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Main Features

Asset Definition

Asset Definition

Grouping, UoM, Costing, Margins, Flexible Pricing, Discount Profiles, User Parameters, Stock counts, Images, …

Asset Listing

Search and find assets’ type, Acquire date, Useful life, status, currency and much more in a ‘click of a button’
Depreciation Methods

Depreciation Methods

With various methods of depreciation, view your Assets’ life to make financial projections an easy task.

Monthly Depreciation Booking

Commit and Book your Asset depreciation values on a monthly or yearly basis.
Easy and Flexible Setups

Easy and Flexible Setups

Enter details such as Types, Locations, Currencies, Custodians, Cost/Project and Activity Centres for advanced analysis and reporting.
Sub-Assets Definition

Sub-Assets Definition

Easily add assets and attach components independently to allow for replacement or repairs with revaluation.

Other Features

Asset Usage & Asset History
Cost Centres linked to Accounts and Job Cards
Real budgeting control with over/under expenditure % and actuals
Managed Job cards with Planned Operational Finished Terminated re- activated options Maintenance transactions linked to Job Cards
Direct upload of assets from EXCEL
SL, SYD, DDB depreciation methods availability
Graphical representation
Auto generation of Assets Codes (e.g. 100 Chairs)
Asset bar code/Label generator
Main Assets definition with Sub –Asset possibility
Upload Asset Images
User-defined search features (Extra parameters)
Multi Currency
Exchange rate management
Asset transfers between locations
Asset Maintenance Scheduling, budgeting & type
Currency definitions set up
User security management
Monthly/yearly asset depreciation booking
Extensive built user security
Cost , Project and Activity centre linking
Custodians & Asset location registration
Direct exporting of reports to EXCEL, WORD, PDF
Database Backup features with Restore facility
Linking of Assets with Vision Accounting Software
Elaborate Assets User Manual
ALL report exportable to PDF/Word/Excel

Module Reports

Assets List

Assets List

Print your assets list by using a wide range of available filters.
Projected Depreciation

Projected Depreciation

Want to Plan into the future with your Asset base? This is your report…..
Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting

With filters and grouping options, produce any report and export to PDF, WORD or EXCEL.
Graphical Representation

Graphical Representation

See the summary of your Asset acquisition vs. your Depreciation values and export to Excel/Word/PDF.
Reconciliation Ledger

Reconciliation Ledger

Yearly financial reconciliation by using three major depreciation types (SL,DDB,SYD).
In-Built Security

In-Built Security

With in-built user tracking, see what data has been changed by who and when.

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