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One challenge that many businesses face, is to find the best and most suitable way to manage and control assets as the business grows and expands. The Asset control module comes as a solution to this problem. It offers a way for you to control and manage your assets in one location, no matter where your assets are.

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Advantages of this module

Entry of asset data for items and its registration details is made very easy with our Individual Asset Entry Assist mechanism – set up one entry, select how many similar there are to follow on, click the button and it is done!

One of the key problems solved by this system is depreciation. Depreciation is important if you’re to manage your assets in a cost effective manner. This might be daunting as the size of your assets grows.

The Vision Assets control provides you with 3 major methods to account for depreciation:

Security, multi-currency, multi-user and multi-center. Our modules always have layers of security built into them. The security covers access of the program and the manipulation of data (entry&change).

Main features

  • Asset usage and History

  • Accounts and job cards can be linked to cost centers

  • Real budgeting control with over/under expenditure % and actuals

  • Manage job cards with the ability to link maintenance transactions, planned, operational, finished, terminated all included as options. They could also be reactivated

  • Exchange rate management

  • Transfer assets between locations

  • Maintenance scheduling and budgeting of Assets

  • Setup currency definitions