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Businesses that are stock oriented like Supermarkets, always need to have full control of their inventory. For these kinds of business models, it’s paramount that stock is monitored and kept in check. The inventory module is your solution to stock management. You can set all the necessary details and parameters to track all items daily

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Advantages of Vision Inventory & Stock

The module comes with a built in security system that ensures your data and information are well protected. The security system keeps your information secured and gives you full control in terms of who can access it.

Some of the functionalities

  • Provide data to TRA via the online system
  • Multi-level chart accounts are easy to setup
  • Stock management feature

  • Easy to setup/user-friendly

  • Grouping of stocks (multi-layer)

  • Control of stock level

  • Different methods of ordering stock are included

  • Different codes for differing package sizes

  • Expiry date control

  • Supplier accounts can be set with different currencies

  • Variance reports and stock sheets included in the stock taking module

  • Transfer stock between locations

  • The ability to generate extensive reports

  • Stock reservation system by using job cards and proforma invoices*

  • Auto clear deposits against charges

  • Re-order mechanism is automated

  • Scanning and printing of barcodes is enabled

  • Flexible multi-currency article/product definition

  • Stock movement analysis reporting

  • Analysis of creditor balance

  • Payments can be made in different currencies/split payments

  • Event scheduling

  • Ability to use company graphics like headers and footers

  • Financial reports are thorough

  • Batch/lot/serial number management

  • Ability to print supplier invoices/debit notes/purchase orders

  • Tax exemptions/account blocking/supplier account limit

  • Great multi user security with tracking feature

  • Profit margin management when processing Purchase orders and supplier Invoices

  • Purchase order cancellation feature

*Not available in the standard product