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Use vision POS & Sales in Supermarkets/Stores, Bar/Restaurants/ Hotels, Hospitals, Standard Businesses for Invoicing, etc. This module can work independently as well as be part of a complete integration with other modules from the Vision administration software package. It offers all possible features to achieve the maximum control over your income.

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Benefits of Vision POS & Sales

This module covers everything; Tax overviews, Discount reports, Top Sales and periodic overviews. Our built in auditing features allow you to track user entries, improving the accuracy and the integrity of your information.

List of features

  • Fiscal device compliance as well as printing of receipts
  • Scanning and labelling bar codes

  • Touch screen interface compatibility

  • Ability to email customer statements

  • POL display and interface for cash drawers

  • Inventory control integration

  • Many invoice and receipt layouts to choose from

  • Customer accounts can be of any currency

  • Product/article definitions are flexible

  • VAT reconciliation/proportioning

  • Tax Exemption facility, credit limits and Account blocking

  • VAT, line and cash discount facilities

  • POS ordering for restaurants/bars

  • Multi receipt/document printing features for debtors

  • Various payment methods such as cash/cheques/Visa cards/Mobile payments etc

  • Multiple payment types can be used within a single transaction

  • Credit and debit notes/invoices/sales orders/proforma invoices

  • Replicate sales transactions

  • Reports for payment overview

  • Price fixing feature

  • Varied codes depending on the package size

  • Aged debtor analysis

  • Export to TRA via the online system

  • Ability to use company logos and footers

  • Sales analysis

  • Broad report generator

  • Ability to cancel cash sales

  • Multi-layer security

  • Cash Box management for POS

  • Membership management*

  • Customer royalty management*

  • Site synchronization for multi-site management*

  • Stock Reservation system*

*Available as an Add-on