Powerful Enterprise Solutions for Tanzania


Comprehensive business management software with powerful features to run your business.

VISION ENTERPRISE software is designed to meet all of your company's requirements. Accounting and financial management, purchasing, inventory management, sales and invoicing, payroll management, human resource management, manufacturing, and much more are all included in the software.

VISION ENTERPRISE assists you in streamlining operations and gaining a better insight into the
company's performance.


Everything you need to track, manage, and run your business efficiently.



integrate human resource management, providing tools for employee management, payroll, and HR-related tasks.


Track employee work hours with its timesheet management feature, ensuring accurate payroll & project management.


The software includes features such as bill of material management, ensuring efficient production processes and inventory control.


The document approvals system, facilitates streamlined workflow and ensuring that important documents are reviewed and approved efficiently.


Branch management allows businesses to oversee multiple locations and streamline operations across different branches.


Reduces time theft and streamline tracking of working hours, contributing to accurate records and compliance with labor regulations


Auto Backup Controller
Branch POS & Sales
Mobile Integrations


POS & Sales management software in Tanzania

Vision POS is a cash sales oriented system that is typically used in supermarkets, wholesale and retail outlets, pharmacies, and restaurants.

The module can be integrated with many kinds of peripheral devices like barcode scanners, POL displays, cash registers, EFD devices and more


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Fiscal Device Compliant

VISION software is compliant with TRA ESD & EFP fiscal regulations and can seamlessly integrate with popular fiscal tax printer machines such as INCOTEX and DATECS, widely available in the market.

Sales Documents

Process sales documents including quotation/proforma, sales order, invoice, credit and debit notes and cash sales. 

Loyalty & Membership Management

Create and manage customer loyalty programs, offering rewards and discounts. It tracks customer purchases and rewards points for future discounts, create customizable membership cards which can include barcodes, photos, texts and images

Multiple Device Integrations

VISION POS is a versatile software which seamlessly integrates with multiple devices, including POS Touch Terminals, Tablets/Laptops/Desktops running Microsoft Windows operating system. It supports various peripherals such as printers, scanners, bar code label printers, cash drawers, and TRA fiscal printers.

Customer Payment Management

Provide your customers with a range of convenient payment options for their ease. Enable them to pay in cash, via credit card, internet banking, or even credit the amount to their account for future settlement. The system securely tracks, records, and stores all payment details, allowing you to access accurate reports at any time and stay up-to-date with all payment-related information.

Expiry Date Prompting

A powerful feature to track and manage item expiry and batch numbering. It allows to record and monitor the expiry dates of inventory items, as well as assign unique batch numbers to track their movement details. Efficiently monitor inventory freshness, ensure timely usage or disposal of items nearing expiration, and prevent stock wastage.


Top Stock & Inventory management software in Tanzania

The inventory module is a powerful tool that enables you to have complete control over your stock.

If the nature of your business requires that you have explicit control over the movement of the stocks, then this is exactly what you need.


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Stock Movement

The inventory software seamlessly facilitates stock movements, including stock additions, stock issues, and stock transfers between locations. It efficiently generates essential documents such as Goods Receive Notes (GRNs), Stock Issue Notes (SRINs), and Transfer Notes, ensuring accurate recording and tracking of inventory transactions.

Purchase Notes - Invoicing

The inventory software simplifies purchasing processes by enabling creation of purchase orders and supplier invoices. It supports multi-currency account definition for suppliers, facilitating international transactions. Manage supplier payments, accept deposit & partial payments.

Item Definition and Management

The inventory software provides extensive flexibility in defining different types of items, including services, materials, and sales items. It allows to set flexible pricing, define profit margins, assign specific units of measure, and categorize items into various groups.

Automatic Re-ordering

Based on your settings and current stock levels, the system can automatically generate planned orders for further processing. These planned orders can then be either rejected or confirmed as purchase orders

Stock Management

The stock requisition and stock taking feature streamlines inventory management by automating stock requests and recording stock levels. It facilitates accurate stock taking, ensuring real-time inventory tracking and reducing discrepancies

Manufacturing (Bill of Material)

A Bill of Materials (BOM) details the product structure, listing all raw materials, subassemblies, and parts required, along with their quantities, to manufacture a finished product. It is essential for determining production costs and enables businesses to calculate the margins they can apply to the final product. By using a BOM, companies can effectively plan and manage their production processes and financial strategies.


Top Accounting Solution in Tanzania

If you want more than just simple accounting then the Accounting Module is the right solution for your organization.

Use functions such as bank reconciliation, VAT reconciliation, budgeting and departmental analysis to obtain full control of your financial situation.


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Ledger Transactions

Record day-to-day expenses directly into the system, ensuring accurate and realtime data entry. The ability to distribute costs with cost centres enables effective expense allocation and analysis. Payment vouchers or receipts can be generated seamlessly, facilitating efficient payment management.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation within VISION is a robust tool designed to reconcile system transactions with actual bank transactions, ensuring accuracy and alignment. Users can seamlessly add transactions and generate reconciled statements directly from the software, keeping financial records up to date with minimal effort.

VAT Reconciliation

Simplified taxation management, directly scan fiscal receipts with QR codes & verify with the TRA portal from the system. Record ledger transactions with various statutory codes like GepG Number, TANSAD Number and VAT Verification Code. Use the VAT Reconciliation tool to review & reconcile various VAT types and generate statutory reports directly from the system, streamlining compliance with tax regulations.

Document Approval

Document approval is an add-on tool that facilitates authorization of financial documents, including purchase documents, petty cash records, supply documents, and customer and supplier payments, before they are officially confirmed as company transactions.

Journal Upload from Excel

We provide Excel templates designed to facilitate the upload of your past journal transactions. These templates ensure a seamless and efficient process, allowing you to easily import historical financial data into our system. This feature helps maintain continuity and accuracy in your financial records.

Acount Budgeting

VISION offers user-friendly budgeting functionalities to assist businesses in managing their expenditures and liabilities over time. Additionally, users can access reports at any time to evaluate their current budget status, allowing for real-time assessment of whether they are over or under budget.


Payroll System for Up to 100 employees (upgradable*)

The Payroll and Human Resource Manager is the complete answer to all your personnel requirements.

The VISION Payroll software is designed with the East African market in mind, is flexible and can be adapted to suit your exact needs.


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Employee Management

Efficiently manage employee details in VISION by recording basic and contract information, setting KPIs, generating payslip records, and tracking employee loans and leave details. Additionally, maintain records such as dependents, disciplinary actions, and education/training histories for comprehensive HR management.

Multiple Payslip Formats

VISION offers flexible payslip management with multiple formats (slip and tabular), customizable details (personal info, leave, job position), and batch printing capabilities. It supports email distribution to employees and exports payslips to PDF, Excel, or Word formats for ease of use and compatibility.

Employee Salary Management

VISION simplifies salary management with features for midmonth advances, generating payroll journals for accounting integration, and producing bank payment or direct cash lists for employee payments. Reports are exportable in Excel, PDF, and Word formats.

Human Resource Management

The human resource module in VISION provides comprehensive tools for employee appraisal, recruitment, and leave management. It also manages employee information including dependents, medical records, and disciplinary actions, as well as education and training histories. The module includes a document management system supporting uploads in various formats such as JPG, Word, and Excel, ensuring efficient record-keeping and compliance.

Timesheet Attendance

VISION’s Timesheet and Attendance Module efficiently manages workforce attendance with daily recording and monthly timesheet generation. It seamlessly integrates with biometric devices such as ZKTeco and iClock for precise time tracking. Users can allocate monthly project resources within the module, and extensive reporting capabilities provide detailed insights into attendance and timesheet data for effective workforce management.

Integration with VISION Accounts

Integrate seamlessly with VISION accounts by mapping financial accounts to accurately record monthly payroll expenditures. This ensures precise financial tracking and streamlined accounting processes within the system.