Experience the ultimate, all-in-one hospitality management software
VISION Hospitality software enables hospitality businesses to manage administrative tasks such as reservations, front desk operations, housekeeping, room assignments, billing & POS, and guest services.

VISION Hospitality is a comprehensive hotel property management software(PMS) that is designed
with the East African market in mind, it caters from Safari Lodges to
Large Resorts & Hotels.

Integrated with powerful mobile applications, making information accessible to everyone – anytime, anywhere.


All-in-one hospitality management software. Made with you in mind.


Multiple Industries

The software is designed with the East African market in mind, it caters to different types of accommodations like Hotels, Resorts, Safari Camp, Guest house, motels, hostels, and more.


Our module has built in layers of security covering access to the application, the data itself, and control of data entry and any changes to the data. Security of your data is our starting point.

Flexibility & Scalability

Because we understand that businesses might have different needs, all modules within the Vision Business Suite operate in multi-user, multi-currency and multi-site environments.

Competitive Pricing

We at Exact Software Ltd, have the objective to compete in the market by offering the combination of comprehensive software packages & services at a competitive price.

24/7 Local Help Desk Support

We don’t simply sell the software to you, we take the extra steps by providing our clients with the necessary support they need as they use the software. We have a helpdesk team that is ready to assist customers across Tanzania in the major regions like Mbeya, Tanga, Arusha, Moshi, Dodoma & Zanzibar


The hotel front desk software interface serves as the hub where most of the information flows and processes are initiated.
With a simple-to-use graphical interface, all the information is presented with a seamless process flow. With VISION Hospitality, hotels can streamline their operations and improve the guest experience


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Room Billing

The billing process in VISION Hospitality is simple and efficient, requiring only a few clicks to generate an accurate tax invoice that includes all relevant guest and
booking information, as well as details of any additional services provided.

Night Audit

VISION Hospitality streamlines the Night Audit process, allowing for a one-click summary of the day’s activities that can be quickly verified by management and accounting teams

Check In & Check Out

Effortlessly manage bookings, assign rooms to guests, and facilitate the check-in and check-out process smoothly. By managing the check-in and check-out process efficiently, hotels can optimize room occupancy and revenue while ensuring guest satisfaction.

Room Booking

Easily create different bookings in VISION Hospitality including room types, extra add-on as per the different requests and all the bookings can be edited anytime if need be. Set booking enquiries in different statuses, either as an option or as booked/reserved.

Guest Notifications

Send out automated notifications via email to guests directly from VISION
Hospitality for Booking Confirmation, Provisional Booking Confirmation, check-in form and proforma invoice

Third Party Integrations and More

VISION Hospitality provide seamless access to their guests, allowing them to unlock their rooms, access in-room technology, and connect to Wi-Fi with ease. These integrations help hotels provide a more sophisticated and personalized guest experience, ultimately improving guest satisfaction and loyalty.


With the hotel reservation software interface, you can effortlessly carry out everyday operations. The centralized reservation displays real-time availability of room, guest booking and other reservation tools enables you to manage every type of reservation scenario.


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Simple & Interactive User Interface

VISION Hospitality offers simple-to-use interface providing important information like guest name, room type and the status of the room which helps you track and manage all the reservation at your property.

Check Room Availability & Room Occupancy

Check availability for room bookings, occupancy of rooms and all the key
information displayed right on the screen for quick decision making and processing.

Search Booking Reservation

Easily search all the reservation details with VISION Hospitality which combines
various filters with all the reservation types giving you the most accurate search

Booking Cancellation/ No-Show

VISION Hospitality allows you to set a booking cancellation or No-Show percentage policy, so if the guest cancelled on their reservation or they did not show up at all, the system will automatically handle the billing of the reservation for the guest/booker to pay % of amount for the booking reservation.

View Confirmed Booking

Easily access important information about the booking reservation, including the guest information, booking details, room details and billing information.

Room Blocking & More

The software allows to block rooms for specific purposes, such as renovations or complimentary use or internal use.


VISION Hospitality allows you to define unlimited number of rates in the system, from standard rack-rates, seasons and specials. Manage diverse set of rate plans for your walk-in customers, corporate clients, resident/non-resident rates, standard tour operators and offer special rate plans for special weekend or upcoming festivals. All of the changes in rates can be audited as the system logs stores all the changes made by the logged in user.


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Define Rack Rates

One useful software feature for hotels is the ability to set and manage rack rates for each room type. It is sometimes referred to as the published rate.
In VISION Hospitality, you can easily define rates for different room types. The software offers up to 4 – Price levels for rack-rate definition.

Define Seasonal & Special Rates

VISION Hospitality offers hotels with the ability to set seasonal and special rates for each room type, for up to four price levels. This feature allows hotels to adjust rates based on factors such as peak season, holidays, and events. Easily define multiseason rates by using standard features like to copy previous seasonal rates and adjust the price.

Multiple Price Levels

VISION Hospitality offers the ability to set up to four price levels in room rates for different types of customers, such as walk-ins, corporate guests, and tour operators. This feature enables hotels to offer competitive rates to different customer segments and optimize revenue

Manage Statutory Payments – TDL & VAT

Manage standard statutory payments such as the tourist development levy (TDL) and value-added tax (VAT). With this feature, you can automatically calculate and generate accurate invoices with these taxes and comply with local regulations.

ADDON Service Rate Management

By offering add-on services and managing their pricing effectively in VISION Hospitality, hotels can enhance guest satisfaction, generate additional revenue, and stay competitive in the market.

Meal Plan Rate Management & More

Ability to set prices for various meal plans directly in VISION Hospitality, manage pricing and availability of different meal plans, providing guests with options for their stay.


VISION house keeping software interface simplifies operations where you can easily access information of the room, its current status, check-in & check out information. Our house keeping management software enables staff to create a session, assign session to the attendee and track the progress in real-time to ensure that the rooms are cleaned on time.


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Inventory Management

VISION Inventory enables the transfer of goods to the housekeeping stock location, ensuring easy access to items required for room services. Additionally, the system generates comprehensive inventory reports that provide visibility into the stock usage, balance of stock and stock movement. This enables hotels to effectively monitor & manage their inventory, and facilitating seamless housekeeping

Define House Keeping Amenities & Check List

Create generic list of room amenities and checklists or customize them for specific rooms. This flexibility ensures that each room’s unique requirements can be met. Moreover, the feature provides control over which items can be topped up with quantities and which are meant for checking purposes only. Mandatory checks can be set on the list to ensure that housekeepers provide essential inputs.

Assign rooms to housekeeping staff

Assign rooms to housekeeping staff to simplify the task allocation by ensuring that the right staff members responsible for specific rooms are available for selection. With real-time information on room cleanliness, the reservations team can stay informed about the status of each room, facilitating efficient coordination between departments and ensuring a seamless guest experience.

Session Management

The housekeeping functionality includes a session management feature that
provides valuable insights, allowing managers to track when the session was
initiated, when it was closed, and the time taken to complete the session. It also allows staff to record any impediments or issues encountered during the session. Real-time information on the session progress is available, allowing supervisors to monitor the status and efficiency of the housekeeping tasks.

Mobile Integrations

VISION mobile applications, provides a range of benefits across various areas of hotel operations like POS & Sales, House-Keeping, Reports and more. These mobile integrations enhance operational efficiency, improve guest experiences, and enable hotel staff to deliver exceptional service from anywhere within the property.


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Process sales transactions on the go. Create various types of sales documents such as cash sales, proforma, sales orders, and tax invoices with ease. Track daily sales activities, access real-time stock information, and print receipts directly from the mobile devices. The M-POS App provides the flexibility to share generated documents through third-party apps, enabling seamless communication with customers or colleagues.


A user-friendly interface for housekeeping staff to efficiently manage their tasks. With the app, staff can initiate a cleaning session, view the status of each room, and access the required amenities list and checklists for thorough cleaning. Issue stock directly from the app, providing insights on the stock movement. Streamline housekeeping operations, resulting in improved efficiency and guest satisfaction.


Access and review essential reports at your fingertips for monitoring and analyzing business performance. Effortlessly review day-to-day expense reports, track stock information, and gain valuable insights into sales performance. With user-friendly interface, easily navigate through different reports and access the information needed on the go


The management mobile application offers hotel managers a comprehensive
overview of their property’s operations. With this app, managers can easily access
real-time information on room occupancy, check booking reservations, and monitor
room availability statistics. The user-friendly interface allows for quick navigation
and provides managers with key insights into the current status of the hotel.


VISION Hotel POS software module is a robust  sales system typically used in restaurants and boutique/retail outlets to easily process sales transactions, manage & track inventory and review sales performance with powerful sales reports. Easily book folios to the guest's room account for a unified billing experience.


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Folio-Room Booking

The billing process in our VISION restaurant POS software and retail POS software is simplified by easily booking folios on guest rooms, providing a unified billing experience for guests. With this feature, all charges incurred by guests, including room service, restaurant bills, and additional services, are consolidated into a single folio. Transfers folios from one room to another and cancel folios with ease.

Fiscal Device Complaint

VISION Hospitality software is compliant with TRA ESD & EFP fiscal regulations and can seamlessly integrate with popular fiscal tax printer machines such as INCOTEX and DATECS, widely available in the market.

Cash-Drawer Management

The VISION POS software efficiently manages cash drawers, providing a summary of payment collections from different methods like cash, mobile, and cards. It enables easy tracking of payment collection per billing point and simplifies float & change management, ensuring smooth operations.

Multiple Device Integration

VISION POS is a versatile software which seamlessly integrates with multiple devices, including POS Touch Terminals, Tablets/Laptops/Desktops running Microsoft Windows operating system. It supports various peripherals such as printers, scanners, bar code label printers, cash drawers, and TRA fiscal printers.

Daily Sales Reports & More

Offering a comprehensive reporting feature, providing valuable insights into the sales performance. Generate & export the reports to formats like PDF, Microsoft Word & Microsoft Excel for analysis. Statistical reports available to track and monitor the daily sales and providing a clear overview of the revenue generated. Generate Sales report per billing point, to assess sales performance at different sales location.

Inventory Control

VISION Inventory, a powerful tool that enables you to have complete control over your stock, streamline procurement processes, and optimize inventory control. Our hotel inventory management software provides tools for flexible item definitions, Item-price management, stock movement (Add/Issue/Transfer), Purchasing, and extensive list of stock reports providing detailed insights to track & monitor items, stock levels, and much more.


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Items Definition

The inventory software provides extensive flexibility in defining different types of items, including services, materials, and sales items. It allows to set flexible pricing, define profit margins, assign specific units of measure, and categorize items into various groups.

Stock Movement (Add/Issue/Transfer)

The inventory software seamlessly facilitates stock movements, including stock additions, stock issues, and stock transfers between locations. It efficiently generates essential documents such as Goods Receive Notes (GRNs), Stock Issue Notes (SRINs), and Transfer Notes, ensuring accurate recording and tracking of inventory transactions.

Purchasing & Payments

The inventory software simplifies purchasing processes by enabling creation of purchase orders and supplier invoices. It supports multi-currency account definition for suppliers, facilitating international transactions. Manage supplier payments, accept deposit & partial payments.

Expiry Date & Batch Number Control

The inventory software includes a powerful feature to track and manage item expiry and batch numbering. It allows to record and monitor the expiry dates of inventory items, as well as assign unique batch numbers to track their movement details. Efficiently monitor inventory freshness, ensure timely usage or disposal of items nearing expiration, and prevent stock wastage

Stock Reports & More

The inventory software offers a comprehensive range of reports to provide in-depth analysis of your stock. These reports allow businesses to track inventory movement patterns, identify fast-moving or slow-moving items, and make informed decisions for optimal stock management. Additionally, the software enables users to generate and export reports in various formats such as PDF, Excel, or Word.


VISION Hospitality includes a powerful hotel accounting software and hotel payroll software module that is built with Tanzania in mind. Functions offered with these modules are such as bank reconciliation, VAT reconciliation, payroll finanancial summary, budgeting and departmental analysis, to obtain full control of your financial situation. At last, a powerful but user-friendly accounting system that produces your income statement, balance sheet, trial balance and much more!


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Invoicing & Folio Management

The billing process in VISION Hospitality is simple and efficient, requiring just a few clicks to generate an accurate tax invoice. The invoice includes comprehensive details such as guest information, stay duration, and rendered services. Guests will appreciate the clear breakdown of applicable taxes and provided discounts, enhancing transparency and satisfaction.

Manage Payments

Provide your guests with a range of convenient payment options for their ease. Enable them to pay in cash, via credit card, internet banking, or even credit the amount to their account for future settlement. The system securely tracks, records, and stores all payment details, allowing you to access accurate reports at any time and stay up-to-date with all payment-related information.

Day-to-Day Ledger Transactions

Record day-to-day expenses directly into the system, ensuring accurate and realtime data entry. The ability to distribute costs with cost centres enables effective expense allocation and analysis. Payment vouchers or receipts can be generated seamlessly, facilitating efficient payment management.

TAX Management

Simplified taxation management, directly scan fiscal receipts with QR codes & verify with the TRA portal from the system. Record ledger transactions with various statutory codes like GepG Number, TANSAD Number and VAT Verification Code. Use the VAT Reconciliation tool to review & reconcile various VAT types and generate statutory reports directly from the system, streamlining compliance with tax regulations.

Accounting reports & More

Accounting reports to provide businesses with valuable insights into their financial performance, such as trial balance, income statements, balance sheets, sales and purchases overviews, and debtor/creditor account statements, among others. Generate and export reports in various formats such as PDF, Excel, or Word